16 Grownup Blanket Forts That Will Make You Feel Like A Child Again


Let’s be honest, blanket forts were all the rage when you were growing up. You would build them on top of your bunk bed or under the kitchen table and spend hours in there reading, gossiping with friends, cuddling your pets or whatever else a 10-year-old you could think of! Those were the days, huh? It’s safe to say that while we are in our 20s, 30s, and above, blanket forts have taken a back burner to grown-up stuff like, y’know, bills and work and all that however. Is surrounding yourself in blankets and pillows really the worst things ever? No! The difference is these blanket forts could be used for a date night, a wine and cheese part, brunch with girlfriends, studying or even just quiet time by yourself.

These 15 adult blanket forts are a bit elaborate, but that’s okay because not only will it elate your inner child that you’re going back to your roots but you might find yourself hanging out inside of your new fort to relax and rejuvenate, so you can be a much better and more focused grown-up!

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1. Far Out Fort Vibrations

 Amenities: Lava lamp, mood lighting, plush sheets, and a 100% likelihood of finding weed.

2. Fort Triumphant

Fort Triumphant

Amenities: Couches. Just, room for couches.

3. Fort Party

Fort Party

 Amenities: High roofs, multiple rooms, and places to hide from awkward party situations.

4. Fort Living Large

Fort Living Large

 Amenities: Radical mood lighting, laptop stand, and a pillow corner.

5. Fort Lantern Party

Fort Lantern Party

Amenities: Paper lanterns and built in seating AND FRIENDS!

6. Fort Repose

Amenities: Lots and lots of air mattresses.

7. Fort Male Bonding

 Amenities: Guest rooms, wide tunnels, these handsome young fellas.

8. Fort Derelict

Fort Derelict

Amenities: Strong outer walls, multiple sheets, and a secure entrance way.

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