20 Interesting Facts About the Sun


Although the sun was once worshipped and feared by our ancestors, we cannot deny the fact that it has played vital roles for the human race. Aside from being the center of the Solar System and being the primary source of light energy for the planet Earth, there are still lots of fascinating facts you need to know about the sun. Some of them are listed below:

1. For the Sun’s Light to Reach Planet Earth, It Would Take Approximately 8 Minutes.



2. This Rare Event of the Sun Lining Up Perfectly in the Image Below Happens Only Twice A Year.



3. People Who Spend More Time Under The Sun Are The Happiest.



4. If You Are Pulling An All Nighter, Take a 15 to 20 Minute Nap Before The Sun Comes Up. This Way, Your Body Resets Itself.



5. Every 7th of August, A Great Sunset Can Be Seen Over Lake Michigan.




6. One-Third of the World’s Population Looks at the Sun When Sneezing. This is Called a Photic Sneeze Reflex.



7. Watching the Sunset or the Sunrise 2 to 3 times a Week Can Help You Live Longer.



8. If the Sun’s Size Was Similar to That of a Cell, Then the Milky Way Would be The Size of the Continental United States.



9. If God Created the Sun on the Fourth Day, How Had Four Days Passed?



10. The Sun’s Actual Color is Greenish-Blue. The Atmosphere of Earth Scatters the Color Wavelengths, Making It Look Yellow.




11. The Sun Has Been in Its Current Position Since the Existence of Dinosaurs.




12. It is Impossible to Measure the Distance of the Earth to the Sun.




13. If the Earth was of the Size of a Cherry Tomato, the Sun Could be Measured 0.3 Miles and 13 Feet Wide.



14. In the Absence of the Force of the Sunlight Impacting the Ground, Chicago Will Weigh 300 Pounds More.



15. Every Hour, The Sun Shrinks By 5 Feet.




16. Xeroderma Pigmentosum Is A Sunlight Allergy That Is Common In Children.



17. For the Light of the Sun to Leave Its Interior, It Would Take 4,000 Years.



18. The Sun Is Almost A Perfect Sphere.



19. Every 13 Years, the Magnetic Field of the Sun Flips, the North Becomes South and Vice Versa.



20. In Some Places In Alaska, the Sun Does Not Set the Whole Month of June.


While the sun does not have a scientific name, other people call it Sol. The term originated from the Roman god of the sun named, Sol.



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