22 Cute Cats Stealing Their Owners’ Attention from Work


Our pets can give us exactly what we need for the day. Something we smile for, we spend our spare time with, or something we cuddle with at night—they can be all that. That’s proof that these little things do help us in more ways than one. But sometimes, these animals can be so jealous over the matters that are more important to us they stop us from doing them.

And the animal that does it best? Cats. Check out these photos of cats preventing their owners from doing their work, begging them to play with them instead.

They absolutely look cute when they do it, and as an owner myself, it can really take our attention from what we are doing.

See videos at the end

Sometimes,they go as far as keeping your hands from moving while grabbing them. They sure know how to be aggressive when they need to.

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