31 Heartwarming Photos that Show the Beauty of Being a Single Father


A record eight percent of homes in America with children under the age of 10 are headed by a single father, up from just over one percent in 1960. It seems as if it’s becoming less of a taboo for children to be raised by just Dad and these men are now getting more praise than ever for taking on the role of both parents. Being a child’s best friend, teacher, protector, provider, listener, and shoulder to cry on can be a lot for one man to handle, but these dudes below have got it covered.

Roberto Ramírez

“When you play both roles in a child’s life, sometimes you have to look the part.”

Karone Edge

“Being that one special person who lights up her eyes when I come home from work. No matter how tired and sleepy I am it makes my day to stay up and read to her and play with her until she’s ready for bed. It’s a lot of work but I wouldn’t trade my angel for anything in the world!”

Lucas Lockwood

“They are a part of who I am. Always present.”

Robert Earls

“It means lots of laughter, plenty of hugs, and routine.”

Alfredo Rodriguez

“It means that all pictures of us together are selfies. Otherwise I’m never in the picture.”

Eric Williams

“It means being there for your kids no matter what.”

Ryan Mahar

“Getting to enjoy life without petty stress and be able to enjoy more, rather than thinking it’s over.”

Tim Groshong

“Letting your daughter paint your nails because that’s what she likes to do.”

 Miso Grey

Simon Lesmo

“It means fun and hard work (lots of hard work) rolled into one, 24/7.”

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