4-Month-Old Shar-Pei Puppy is a Certified Instagram Star …She Will Literally Melt Your Heart



Tonkey is a 4-year-old shar-pei puppy who has gained a huge following of over 100,000 on Instagram, which is certainly more than any typical person has on the social networking site.

Unlike other dogs, her teddy bear–like features, has created instant Internet celebrity. She currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with Christine Park and David Ngu.

Tonkey’s adorable photos are shared under the username @bearcoat_tonkey. And so far, she has melted the hearts of many all around the world.

Tonkey’s teddy bear–like features have earned her an Internet celebrity status. Unlike other individual photos shared on Instagram, hers gets more than 15,000 likes.

According to the couple, they fell in love with the dog’s features that they decided to adopt her last May.

Christine recalled, “She’s a funny character. Her tail wags at lightning speed, even when she’s in trouble; those eyes could melt the coldest of hearts. She cuddles every day, loves children, and is friendly and curious towards strangers.”

In a matter of two months, the photos of Tonkey on Instagram sleeping, eating, and taking a bath have been shared and liked by random users.

“We started Tonkey’s Instagram account because we felt she was exceptionally cute. The bearcoat shar-pei was new to us, and we wanted the world to know her,” she added.




According to Christine, whenever she’s in trouble, those cute little puppy eyes could melt the coldest of hearts.


The couple also has another 2-year-old collie dog named Maxi. They rescued him as a stray.

Christine said, “Tonkey is Maxi’s best friend, and they are the perfect balance for each other. Tonkey learns from Maxi. She teacher her to obey commands, learn tricks, and learn manners. Maxi was our first dog, and is the glue in our little family!”

Despite the challenges of raising a shar-pei, the couple said they are always prepared for any challenges they might encounter.


“Shar-peis can be hard work. Tonkey has a tendency to be hard-headed and independent, but actually, she turned out to be a good listener and smart. But she can be stubborn and feisty, although I can’t tell if it’s just because she’s a puppy. Tonkey’s breed is prone to certain health problems, so she’s had three checkups so far as I am a paranoid mum. She is perfectly healthy, but it’s good to be prepared. Our bond as a family grows every day, and Tonkey is a welcome addition,” said Christine.






Watch the adorable little Tonkey in the video below:


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