7 Interesting Facts About Body Organs You Might Be Surprised to Know


The human body is a fantastic creation. It’s made up of different organs that work together for us to be able to be a living, breathing person walking around living life.

Here are seven interesting facts about our system that you will be amazed to know about.


Each man can produce 10 million new sperm cells in one day. That is enough to populate the planet in six months.

Body Heat

The body makes enough heat to boil 4 pints of water in only 30 minutes.



Human Bones

Human bones are stronger than concrete. Each cubic inch of a bone can take 8.6 tonnes of weight.

The Heart

If you remove a human heart from the body, it will continue to beat for a limited time because it has its own electrical pulse.



Human Saliva

One person produces enough saliva in their lifetime to fill two Olympic-size swimming pools.

The Lungs

The lungs have 300,000 blood vessels. If you laid them out, it would span a length of 1,500 miles.

The Stomach

The acid in a human stomach is so strong it can melt zinc.



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