A Peak Inside Cassadaga: Where Florida’s Residents See and Talk to the Dead!



One Florida town has been dubbed the psychic capital of the world because majority of its residents are mediums or spiritual healers. The town was founded in 1975 by George Colby, a spiritualist from New York. Cassadaga was initially intended as a retreat for his followers, but it has since become home to around 100 people who believe they can contact the spirit world through seances and readings.

The followers of spiritualism in Cassadaga spend up to a decade honing their sixth sense, which allows them to speak to spirits and carry out ceremonies at the local church.

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There are only 100 residents in Cassadaga, but at least half of them claim to be mediums


Founded in 1875, the town has since grown from being just a winter retreat for Colby’s followers to having permanent residents


The town now has multiple houses, a post office, church, and hotel. The newest buildings were built in the 1930s


Spiritualism is based on the main belief that the body and the soul are separate entities, and the soul lives on outside of the body after death. Followers believe souls can be contacted using palm readings, mediums, and tarot cards. They also believe that each person can experience God directly.

Cassadaga was officially established as a community in 1894. They have since continued to expand to include new houses, a post office, and a hotel to accommodate visitors.


The town receives 15,000 annual visitors that come to have guided tours or for healing ceremonies or readings from some of the locals. It’s quite a popular tourist attraction locally.


Reverend Mary Rose Gray is a registered nurse and Reiki instructor. She is also a minister who preaches at the Spiritualist church in town.


In 1991, Cassadaga was listed as a historic site on the National Register of Historic Places, and it continues to be largely unchanged to this day.

The town has a feeling of being trapped in a time warp since the buildings date back to the 1920s–1930s. According to the town’s Web page, their visitors come from the surrounding towns and stay in their hotel. The hotel’s top floors are occupied by Spiritualists who are there to provide readings and seances for the guests.


The town’s hotel is supposedly haunted. Pictured above is one of the townhouses in the community. The town legend says that the ghost of an Irish tenor singer named Arthur haunts one of the rooms in the hotel, and he is sometimes seen sitting by the window.



Initiates must go through years of training to fine tune their psychic ability.


Many guests of the hotel have reported seeing Arthur the Irish tenor. They wake in the middle of the night to find the ghostly figure of Arthur sitting and looking out of the windows. Some even report that he turns the lights on and off, and wherever he passes, he leaves the smell of cigars and gin behind.

When speaking about his journey to Cassadaga, Christian Lopez-Miro, the photographer who took the featured photos, says, “I’ve always been fascinated with magic and illusion, as well as the intrigue of the occult.” He added that while he wasn’t sure about their beliefs, everyone in the town was committed to their faith.


Pictured above is Phoebe Rose Bergin, a medium and minister who lives in the town of Cassadaga.



Victor Vogenitz in another medium living in the town, and he has been leading seances since  he was 16.


The whole town is very spiritual. All over town you can see references to God, such as crosses and statues of Jesus. The residents also wear crystals and have statues of Buddha.



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