A Real Life Fallen Angel in London: OMG!


Art lovers were shocked by a ‘fallen angel’ installation that was unveiled in Beijing this week. The extremely realistic and oddly terrifying work was created by Chinese artists, Sun Yuan and Peng Yu. The pair are known for blurring the lines between art and reality by using materials such as real human body fat in their art pieces. Their latest piece, entitled ‘Angel’, has just been installed in China’s capital.

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Sun Yuan and Peng Yu are famous for creating art installations that make question whether it is real or not.

They created a sculpture of a fallen angel, which is depicted by the image of an old woman who has her wings yet the feathers were missing. Some says that the angel might be dead or sleeping.




The artist statement on their website cryptically reveals the project’s purpose: highlighting the tension and transition between the supernatural and the mundane. The angel, a transcendent being, has become powerless, unable to carry out God’s will, or to help those who believe in its existence.

According to biblical sources, Cherubim and Seraphim are the only types of angels that have wings (Exodus 25:20, Ezekiel 10, Isaiah 6). Hebrews 1:14 describes angels simply as spiritual beings; therefore, it is most correct to say that only some angels are winged.




Watch the eerie video below

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