Awesome Life Hacks for Every Dog Owner



Living with the man’s best friend could be the best part of our lives, but it’s not always easy. If you want to know how to make it a little simpler, check out some amazing hacks below:

#1. To keep your dog while in public, use a locking carabiner.

A carabiner is an easy way to secure your dog’s leash when you’re out in public.

#2. Tag a door opener to your dog’s collar

Attach a bottle opener to your dog’s collar.

#3. Put a ball in the middle of their food as a distraction to keep them from cramming the food with just 3 bites.

If your dog eats too fast, put a ball in the food bowl.

#4. Keep the dog food fresh by placing them into a pitcher. It is also easier to dispense the food.

 Use a plastic pitcher for dog food. It’s easier to pour and keeps the food fresh.

#5. Check out how to CPR your dog.

Know CPR for dogs.



#6. Remove dog’s hair on your carpet with the use of squeegee.

Use a squeegee for easy removal of pet hair from carpet.

#7. Add some parsley to your dog’s food to give them a fresh breath.

Sprinkle a little bit of fresh parsley into your dog’s food to freshen their breath.

 #8. There are food that are toxic to dogs, know about them.

Memorize the foods that are toxic to dogs and keep them out of their reach.

9. Dogs love a healthy treat especially during warm days like slices of apple in low sodium chicken broth frozen in an ice cube tray.

For an easy treat on hot days, cut up apples in low sodium chicken broth and freeze in an ice cube tray.

#10. Want to get rid of ticks and fleas? Use natural options like cedar, lemongrass, eucalyptus and rosemary oils. Check the ADR, The Animal Desk Reference for Essential Oils for Animals.

Use citronella, rosemary, eucalyptus, cedar, lemongrass essential oils for a natural way to fight fleas and ticks instead of toxic chemicals.

#11. Pay attention to the dog’s language.

Know your dog’s language.

#12. Keep the soap from getting into their eyes and ears by putting on shower caps.

Use shower caps while in the bathtub to prevent water and soap from getting into their ears or eyes.

13. Use Pill Pockets for their doses of meds.

Make pill pockets for their medicine.

#14. Run a wet rubber glove into the furniture with your pet hair to remove them.

To remove pet hair from upholstery, dampen a rubber glove and run your gloved hand over it.

#15. Can’t brush their teeth? Sweep an enzymatic dog toothpaste into their rope toy.

If your dog doesn’t like having his teeth brushed, squeeze some enzymatic dog toothpaste onto a Nylabone or rope toy.




#16. Remove the dog pee from your carpet with a baking soda.

Use baking soda to get dog urine out of carpet. 

#17. If your dog is sick, add some low-sodium chicken broth into their drinking water.

If your dog isn’t feeling well, add some low-sodium chicken broth to the drinking water.

#18. Here is how to find your lost dog.

Use this tip if your dog ever gets lost.

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