Beauty Queen Returns Home to Thank the Mom Who Raised Her–Touching


Just recently, a heartwarming photo circulated around the Internet, showing a teenage beauty queen who went back to Thailand to kneel before her mom, who has given up so much for her, as a sign of her respect and gratitude.

With her silk sash and glittering crown, Miss Uncensored News Thailand, Khanittha “Mint” Phasaeng, proudly shared her victory with the woman who had to pick up trash and recycle them just to earn money and provide her with her needs. The 17-year-old knelt before her single mom, the highest form of showing respect for Asians, and thanked her for everything that she’s done.

“What I have today is because of my mother. She and I make a living by doing honest work, so there is no reason why I should feel inferior,” Mint mentioned in an interview.

Mint also helped her mom earn money. They supported her family by working part-time and assisting her mom in collecting and recycling rubbish.

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