Beer Mug–Inspired Cakes to Spice Up the Party


Anyone who’s a fan of beer will be happy to know you can now have your favorite beverage in a baked dessert. Even if you don’t partake of alcohol, you can enjoy these sweets inspired by beer mugs. Most of them do not contain alcohol. Try bringing them to your next party, they are sure to be a big hit.

Take a look at seven cake designs inspired by beer mugs.

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Beer Mug Cupcakes

Place the cupcakes in a beer mug and cover with frosting so that it looks like foam. Follow the recipe here.

Cake Pops Inspired by Beer

Make these sweet treats for your next house party.

Poured Beer Mug Cake

Get the recipe for this very creatively designed pastry here.

The Beer Mug Cake

Get the recipe for this alcohol-free desserts here.

The Butterbeer Mug Cake

All the Potterheads can relish in this wizard treat.

Guinness Chocolate Cakes

This easy-to-make beer mug cake can be made in the microwave.

The Mini Cupcakes with a Baileys Center

These mini cakes have a Baileys Irish Cream ganache. This dessert is only for adults.

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