Before and After Pictures of Rescued Abandoned Cats


Animal lovers will never understand why some people neglect their pets. Having a pet is a huge responsibility, and some people do not realize that they are not up to the task of taking care of a pet.

Thank goodness there are rescue shelters that help these unwanted animals. Here are some success stories:

This white cat still loves boxes.

This cat now has beautiful, clean fur.

This cat was found by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals malnourished and barely holding on to life.

This kitten was nursed back to health.

This tabby cat had a severe eye infection that has since been treated.



This cat has now found a new home.

This kitten is happy in his new home.

From dirty to clean, what a transformation.

This cat was abandoned and left for dead.

This little miracle survived.



From trapped in a car engine to living in a new home.

This cat has gone through a lot in its short life.

How can anyone treat a pet so cruelly?

This cat hasn’t lost its curiosity despite life’s challenges.

This gorgeous cat was abandoned.



This kitten was given a second chance at life.

This cat was found starving in the streets.

The bad times are part of the past for this cat.

This Siamese cat made a full recovery.

From living on the street to loving his new home.



Watch the videos below.

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