Boys Meet as Best Buddies—Until They Discovered They’re Actually Siblings


Isaac Nolting and Dakotah Zimmer never expected they had so much in common. They were so baffled by it until they found out that it’s because they were actually long-lost siblings.

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Noltin, 12, and Zimmer, 13, met in a pool once summer. They not only noticed the similarities in their physical features but in the way they walk as well. Isaac was informed by Dakotah that he knew he had another brother, and that he was adopted by a woman named Dawn.

As fate would have it, Dawn was the same woman the boys were talking about.


Dawn Noltin has repeatedly sought  help on how to inform Isaac that he was adopted. She asked her friends and even a local pastor for help. Dawn wanted to make sure it was before they both started middle school in Washington, Missouri.


The exact night after the boys’ fateful encounter, Isaac asked his mother if he was adopted.

“He looked at me with his big, black eyes and asked, ‘Mom, am I adopted?’,” narrated Dawn, 42, a manager at a dry-cleaning company.


“I said, ‘What makes you think that?’ And he said, ‘Because I think I found my brother.'”


The parents of the boys were actually a friend of her ex-husband’s, both of whom Dawn met through the same man.


Dawn said that their biological mother was just sixteen and already had two children to care for. When she first came across the family, Dawn had been a single mother herself at 19 and wanted to help in taking care of the newborn.

Isaac was born just 9 days after Dakotah turned one. Dawn was asked if she wanted to legally adopt Isaac and give her a better home.


Their real mother died in 2007, while their father passed away not long after. Less than two years since meeting the couple, Dawn had successfully adopted Isaac.

Dakotah, after the demise of his parents, lived under the care of their biological grandmother, Debi Bay.


“I’m just glad they got to meet,” Mrs. Bay said, who has always known about the existence of her other grandson ever since.


“Though the two didn’t know of each other’s existence for more than a decade, it seems as though they grew up together,”  Dawn said. “You can just tell they’re brothers. It’s the strongest bond that I’ve ever seen. It’s like they were never separated. For being apart for 10 years and 20 minutes away, they picked up right where they left off.”

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