Looking for the Best Donut Spots in New York City? Check Out These Amazing Eats


The pastry of choice have become donuts. They’ve completely taken the attention that cupcakes used to have. There are places that sell these fried rings with icing and others that have gone more gourmet.

Here’s a list of some of the best donut spots in New York City:

Dough Loco


donut loco

What you’re getting: Maple Miso

This place is only for the most unique flavors. This Uptown bakery comes up with the most creative combinations.


Bed-Stuy, Union Square, and Time Square


What you’re getting: Cheesecake

This cult-favorite shop has so many flavorful choices you wouldn’t know which one to try first.


Bay Ridge


What you’re getting: Peanut Butter and Jelly

This shop offers New York favorites like cheesecake and black and white cookies. There are also some modern creations like bacon-covered donuts.

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop


peterpan donut

What you’re getting: Red Velvet Crumb

This Brooklyn bakery has been around since the 1950s. It’s no-frills style has always made great-tasting favorites.

Underwest Donuts

Hell’s Kitchen


What you’re getting: Brown-Butter or the Car Wash

If you’re in the 12 Avenue area, you can stop by the Westside Highway Car Wash and try cake donuts with flavored sugar.

Sullivan Street Bakery

Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen

sullivan street

What you’re getting: Bomboloni

Bread master Jim Lahey also makes some amazing Italian donuts. Fluffy creations with the right amount of filling like vanilla custard, chocolate cream, or fruit jam.

Doughnut Plant

Lower East Side, Chelsea, Prospect Heights, and Long Island City

donut plant

What you’re getting: Creme Brulee Doughseed

Mark Israel already has three shops and the popularity of his donuts continues to grow. He has seasonal flavors like coconut-lime and rose petal. The creme brulee doughseed is definitely one to try.


Upper East Side


What you’re getting: Sour Cherry

For the most scrumptious jelly donuts, head over to this shop. They make their jams from locally sourced fruit. They are made to order with just the right amount of jam in each donut.




What you’re getting: Purple Pig or Urban Monkey

The freshly made fried creations have fun names and unique flavors. They are great mini donuts that pack a punch in flavor.

Elsie’s Doughnuts

Crown Heights


What you’re getting: Confettura di Fichi

For an ice-cream and donut combo, head over to Elsie’s Parlor. This Brooklyn shop has Italian style donuts in a class of their own. They use ricotta, mascarpone, almonds, sunflower honey, and so much more.

Grace Street

Herald Square

grace street

What you’re getting: Ho-dduk

Korean donuts are less greasy and just as delicious as its American counterpart. The simple brown sugar and cinnamon combination is mouthwatering.

The Donut Pub


donut pub

What you’re getting: Honey Dip

At Donut Pub, you can satisfy your donut craving any time of day. They are open 24 hours. They have truly mastered the traditional glazed donut.

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