Boy Lays Under Speeding Train: This Is Insane


I’m not sure what changed in today’s youth but they aren’t just going outside and playing sports with one another like back in the day.

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Case in point; a video popped up on social media recently of a young man who looks about 15 climbing over a railing onto some train tracks and laying underneath an oncoming train. It’s just as shocking as it is disturbing.

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The train approaches at a high rate of speed and quickly passes over the teens body who’s now laying directly in the middle of the tracks.

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As the train passes you realize that this isn’t just any train, it’s pretty damn long! It continues to speed over the young mans body.

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And finally, once the train passes, you see the daredevils body laying in the same exact position fully intact.

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He gets up, brushes himself off and moves on with his day and thankfully his life! We’re hoping he doesn’t make a trend out of this dangerous stunt because it could be fatal.

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Just wait, THERE’S MORE! If you don’t believe the above video is real, you have to see the rest of these maniacs laying flat under passing trains and living to upload it. You might get a little sick to your stomach after these nerve-racking clips.

Is this boy out of his freakin’ mind?! (The answer is: Absolutely)

He opted for headphones during his insane stunt underneath a moving train. He hops up like nothing happened. Wow, I wonder what he was listening to?

This man had to double check if he had his hands and his legs, once he realized he survived, it was all good!

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