Paramedic Bride Leaves Own Wedding to Respond to a Car Accident While Still in Her Wedding Dress


With a job as a paramedic, Sarah Ray devotes her life in saving others. So when duty calls, she makes it a point to drop what she does and respond to distress calls—even when that day happens to be her own wedding.

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Sarah had just married her husband, Paul, in a ceremony held in Clarksville, Tennessee, when her grandmother and father had a car accident before they could make it to the reception.

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“Any other responder that had come across a wreck whether it was their family or not would have stopped to make sure everyone was okay,” Sarah told Inside Edition.

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Sarah’s mom took the now-famous picture of the bride still in her wedding gown rushing to her grandmother and father’s aid. Both of them had no serious injuries and were well enough to attend the reception of this brave woman. “We will never forget our wedding day. Ever,” Sarah said.

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