Bullied Bus Monitor Receives $700,000 Worth of Donation and Uses It to Stop Bullying


When video of a bus monitor in New York went viral on YouTube, donations started to flood in from well-wishers who felt sorry for the bullied lady. The total amounted to over $700,000 dollars, yet she continues to live a frugal lifestyle.

Karen Klein of Greece, New York, was shown in the video being taunted with insults, profanity, threats by four middle school children during a school bus ride.

Video of the abuse was recorded by a student who was a witness. After the ten-minute footage went viral, donations poured in from all over the world. After receiving the huge donation, the 69-year-old still lives in the same home and hasn’t splurged on any single luxury.

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She is still living thriftily, but Klein has been able to retire from her bus monitor job. She has used $100,000 dollars to start the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation, which is promoting its message through books and in concerts. She has also spent some money helping her family members and friends, but the bulk of the money is being saved to provide for Klein during her retirement.

Amanda Klein-Romig, Klein’s daughter, says that other people may change if they received that amount of money, but her mother has stayed pretty much the same.

Max Sidorov, a Toronto nutritionist, set up the fund on the Web site Indiegogo after viewing the viral video. Sidorov says that he was bullied as a student and started fundraising with a modest $5,000 dollar goal so he could send Klein on a vacation.

He did not expect the massive amount of financial support that came in for Klein. In total, more than 30,000 people from 84 countries contributed to the cause.

Klein says the attention she received has sent her all over North America. She has been to Canada, New York, and Boston. Celebrities have even given her trips with Tim McGraw sending her to New Orleans, and Anderson Cooper sending her to California.

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