Bus Driver Saves 4-Year-Old from Kidnapper Who Happens to Be on His Bus


This bus driver was hailed a hero after foiling an abduction of a three-year-old boy.

Tim Watson, a Valley Transportation Authority bus driver, heard the missing persons report over the radio. It was said that the child was with his mother in the library, but when she turned her back for a moment, the kid started wandering around and eventually got lost.

Watson then spotted a man and a boy on his bus that fit the exact description of the suspect and the boy. One of which included the boy’s clothing, particularly a pair of red Crocs.

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Watson, who is a father himself, knew something was off especially when the child began to cry. He quickly came up with a plan that involved asking the passengers for a supposed missing green backpack. After pretending to scan the area, he noticed the red Crocs and immediately went on to phone authorities.


As soon as Watson pulled over to the bus station, there were already police officers on the scene. They snagged the little boy from the kidnapper after a short struggle and arrested him on the spot.


The suspect was known as 23-year-old Alfonso David Edington of Pittsburg, California. He has no known connection to the victim but was charged with kidnapping.

As for Watson, he doesn’t recognize himself as a hero but did it out of his own paternal instincts.

“I feel I did what any father would do,” Watson told ABC news.

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