Captivating Photos of Our Pets Before and After They’ve Grown


Dogs and cats have shorter life span than humans. However, even if their lives may be short, they really make their presence felt when they are still with us. Because of this, we get to love them more and cherish watching them grow.

The thing about these pets is they grow up way faster than human babies do. It is like the next thing you know, they are already as huge as you. So, we have compiled some really adorable photos of dogs and cats before and after they’ve grown that are guaranteed to get your attention. Check them out below:

The Photo at the Right is Taken One Year from the One at the Left

Best Friends Forever and Always

Bunny and Doggie – Best Friends for Life

This Adorable Malamute Puppy Turn Into One Furry Pet

Still Best of Friends After Fourteen Years

Nothing Could Separate Them

Growing Together

At 11 Weeks and 11 Months Old, He Still Smiles in His Sleep

His Body Finally Caught Up with His Ears

The Day the Girls Got Their Puppy and a Replica Image 11 Years Later

Lily, Then and Now

Look at How Different a Dog Can Be After a Year

Just a Year Later and He Already Looks Like Too Big for the Door

After Two Years, Chico is Puppy No More

After a Year – No Change in the Man, Only the Dog

He’s Outgrown His Pillow After Only a Year

Growing Together for 14 Years

The Year that Was Versus The Present

Tyler Growing Up with Zelda

After Three Months, He is No Longer a Puppy

Shrek and Fiona, Three Years of Growing Together

Growing Together After Six Months

Baby Tahoe and Adult Tahoe

Giving Us the Same Tongue-Out Grin Three Years Later

He Just Never Learned to Stay Away from the Dirt

Thirteen Years of Friendship

Look at Doreen After a Year

Steve, a Handsome Puppy to an Even More Handsome Dog

He Will Always Love Snow

Below are more cute before and after photos of dogs and cats growing up:










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