Female Cashier Bravely Fights Off Armed Robber Using Her Bare Hands


Of all the cases reported to the police in the United States, roughly 6 percent is accounted for by convenience store robberies. The problem has gone down since the 1980s, but considering that most convenience stores hold a large amount of money with very low security and few personnel, it is likely that these places will remain “easy targets” for robbers.

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According to the POP Center, there are over 135,000 convenience stores operating in the US, and about 100 million Americans drop by daily at any given time.

The growing number of robbery incidents have gotten so high that at some point, store clerks have learned to fight back.


In the video, Bhumika Patel was the one manning the cash register at the convenience store in Keysville Georgia on March 1. Suddenly, a customer entered the store and got a can of soft drinks. He walked toward the cashier and started paying for the item. Abruptly, he pulled out a gun and pointed it to Bhumika.

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She argued with the armed thief and fought him with her bare hands. She even tried to pull the gun away from the man and started hitting him. when he ran away, she grabbed a hammer and tried to catch up with the thief as well.

While Bhumika’s actions were brave, security experts say that putting matters into your own hands can be dangerous. Former NYPD detective bureau lieutenant commander Donald Henne said, “Although you’re lashing out at them and you think you’re doing it right thing, you’re putting innocent people and yourself in harm’s way. The best thing to do if you’re caught in the crossfire is to remain calm and not try to be a hero.”


In these types of situations, it’s best to always be observant. If you find something suspicious never initiate aggression but have a presence of mind. If you are threatened, it is better to comply with the robber’s demand, but try to remember all the details about the robber so that you can give an accurate description later. One false move may cost you your life, so protect yourself by being calm and alert instead.

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