5 Castles That Actually Cost Less Than a Flat in San Francisco


Rent is so expensive nowadays that you might want to consider buying your own place. That may not be such a ridiculous suggestion when you take a look at these places that are cheaper than an apartment in certain parts of the world.

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This castle in the Midi-Pyrénées of France can be yours for $2,659,569.


It was built on the foundations of a Roman outpost that dates back to the fourteenth century. The area spans over 1,500 square meters. It has seven sitting rooms, nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms, not to mention the gardens, fountains, and stunning views.

This studio apartment in Lower Haight, San Francisco, is priced at $2,995,000.


It has 3,438 square feet of space with five private offices and three apartments. It’s no castle, but it does have copper plumbing and a new insulated roof.

This Italian castle is a great bargain at $854,480.


The watchtower was recently restored, and it has wonderful views and a giant pool.

This Bayview apartment is almost the same price, being on the market for $869,000.


Who needs all that space anyway? You can have five bedrooms and three bathrooms in Bayview. This was last sold in January 2012 for $305,000.

In the Belgian Ardennes, this castle can be found. It’s only $4,005,375.


This is a great link to the past with its oldest areas dating back to the seventh century. It has forty-five bedrooms and forty-five bathrooms. You are going to need a lot of toilet paper here.

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