This 27-Pound Cat Is So Huge the Neighborhood Often Mistakes It as a Wild Animal


When people walk by Colleen Pizarev‘s house, they are often caught off guard by the sight of an enormous cat in the window. Her cat is so huge that it has been mistaken for a bob cat.

Pizarev says that she gets “people who knock on my door to say, ‘I’m very concerned you have a wild animal in my neighborhood.'” She gets a lot of foot traffic passing by the front of her house because she lives near a park and neighbors coming up to her expressing their concern is a common thing.

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Spock is not a wild animal.  He is Pizarev’s Maine coon.

The cat weights a massive 27 pounds and is almost four feet long.  He eats up to a pound of cat food in a day.

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When you buy a Maine coon, you are told that you have feed them meat. So Spock eats chicken, turkey, and pork. Cats of his breed cannot eat regular cat food.

Spock is almost four years old. He was adopted from a breeder as a kitten, and he’s just kept growing. His owner says he’s a gentle, wonderful cat. Spock is not a wild animal, but he still makes a difficult roommate. He refuses to be left alone and even knows how to open closed doors.

Maine coons are a very social breed. That is why Spock does not like to be left alone. Since he was a year old, he has been opening closed doors by standing on his hind paws and using his front paws on the doorknob.

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Spock also likes to watch YouTube videos because they help him fall asleep. His owner says he is a typical adolescent. “He’s addicted to YouTube. He really enjoys it. He’s an indoor cat so we like to help him think he’s chasing squirrels. It puts him to sleep. We call it his bedtime stories.”

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Since Spock breaks a lot of things, his owners have to use earthquake putty on their home decorations. Her neighbors might be worried about his size, but they shouldn’t worry about Spock because he only goes after squirrels and possums.

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