Find Out How 3D Printing Was Able to Help This Cat Walk Again


He was once physically disabled, unable to walk and could barely move, but thanks to 3-D printing, this cat has learned to walk again.

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Meet Cassidy. When he was born, his mom tried to remove the umbilical chord herself but ended up accidentally chewing off his legs. An E. coli infection made the wound worse and left Cassidy’s health deteriorated.

The cat was left to survive the Canadian forest for nine weeks all by himself. When he was rescued in early September, he was on the verge of death, weighing only one pound. Although they were doubtful if he would survive, rescuers then took the cat to nonprofit cat sanctuary called Tiny Kittens.

The founder of the sanctuary, Shelley Roche, shared to Global News, “I put a call out on Facebook to see if anybody might help us with some kind of sling or maybe even a wheelchair.”

Luckily, high-school students Josh Messmer and Isaiah Walker saw the post and came up with a solution. They gifted Cassidy a 3-D-printed wheelchair.

The volunteers at Tiny Kitten said that Cassidy became happier now that he’s got the freedom he long wanted. He could walk and move around the facility like normal cats.

While Cassidy is not the first-ever recipient of 3-D-printed item used for medical purposes, a wheelchair for a disabled animal is by far the cutest application of 3-D printing.

Check out the lively video of Cassidy here

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