Cats May Not Be the Most Lovable Pets …But, These Reasons Undoubtedly Make Them Better than Dogs


Dogs might own the title of man’s best friend, but with cats, you don’t risk having your favorite things devoured by a misbehaving pup. There are many reasons cats might just be as lovable, if not better, than your canine friends, and here we’ve listed just some of the reasons.

Cats Will Not Munch on Your Shoes

Cats are known to use their claws on every malleable stuff they find, a behavior they perform only to stimulate that curved part of their toes. However, with the presence of a simple scratching post, this habit of theirs, which you sometimes find unpleasant, will be resolved. You will never have to worry about having your shoes devoured in any way.

Cats Are More Agile Than You

Cats are often admired because of their lively and sporty traits. Gracefulness naturally runs through their veins that it is remarkably easy for them to sprint and jump from one place to another, even without you noticing it. Compared to dogs that are also capable of impressive performances, they are more alert and have better poise.

Cats Are Loyal but Don’t Show It

This does not mean that cats do not need your tender loving care, they still do. However, they tend to display independence and do not need much physical affection.

Cats Are Silly, and They Do Not Mind

Cats are simply hilarious, and they themselves can’t help it. From how they appear too lazy to even get up to the sudden rise of their energy, everything they do just appears silly. No wonder they are an Internet superstar.

They’re Lazy, so Staying Home Is Okay

Unlike dogs, cats are not the type that would require you to get up early in the morning or spare a little time so you two can go for a walk. They are lazy. Letting them move freely around your house works better for them. Though some cats would want to explore what’s outside their homes, they generally are not fond of strolls.



Cats Know What Litter Boxes Are For

Compared to cats, dogs are naturally rule-breaker (which actually makes them cute sometimes). Though still playful, cats are savvy about proper behavior, proven by the way they clean up their mess before somebody notices them. This is what makes them easier live with.

Cats Don’t Release Bad Odor

Dogs need constant bathing because if you don’t get them cleaned up, they release an unpleasant odor that no once can stand with, not even you as an owner. But cats won’t let you go through that hassle. Cats’ immaculate fur is not just there to make them cute. That part of their body releases phermones that helps them get away with odor, regardless of whether they have bathed or not.

Cats Are Problem Solvers Too

Cats are believed to be highly intellectual animals. Because dogs get the most praise for their amazing abilities, it is a lesser-known fact that cats can actually solve complex puzzles too. Their mood swings may be hard to keep up with, but they’re smart, and that’s something.

These are just some of the things that make cats more convenient to be with than your canine friends. We’re not implying that dogs are hateful though, we’re just saying that there are many reasons these feline cuties deserve some of your attention and love too.


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