Chinese Couple’s Wedding Ceremony Goes Viral …Check Out the Bride’s Jewelry!


A Chinese wedding is a chance for the families to show off their wealth. One Chinese couple displayed their wealth with colorful outfits, mountains of gold jewelry, and luxury cars.

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The pictures of the couple with the bride’s over-the-top jewelry were posted on Chinese social media by Bob Lam, a Hong Kong TV host who was the emcee for the event. According to reports, the bride’s dowry cost almost $1.1 million (7 million Chinese yuan).

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The photos taken at the ceremony were posted on WeChat. In the pictures, you see the bride with piles of gold trinkets. A total of almost half a million US dollars (2.8 million yuan) was reportedly spent on the lavish wedding.


The guests of the wedding said that it looked like something from a film set.

The bride and groom were dressed in regal emperor and empress costumes. The men were dressed as ancient generals. The invitation was unique because it joked that their guests would be beheaded if they failed to attend.


The wedding ceremony was followed by a wedding banquet at Hengqin Chang Long Hotel. The guests all wore elaborate costumes.

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The photos went viral on Weibo and other social networking sites. Many commented that the display of wealth was too much, but they also received a lot of support saying that they are free to show off as they please.

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