Common Myths Debunked by Science …Some You’ve Believed All Your Life



21 Common Myths That You Probably Thought Were Scientific Fact

As we grow, there are things we believe are true, but in the long run, becomes otherwise. Thankfully, with science, we are introduced to the truth. All these erroneous concepts are now debunked.

However, not all people have been informed about these realities. So below, we present a list of some of the common myths proven wrong by science:

Sugar Makes Children Hyperactive

Sugar Makes Kids Hyperactive

Many parents believe that sugar makes their kids hyperactive. They even claim that once their kids gets too energetic, he or she has had too much sugar. In reality, there is no proof of such “hyperactivities” in children caused by sugar. But still, parents must limit the sugar intake of their kids, not because it can lead to hyperactivity, but for health reasons.

Lightning Won’t Hit the Same Place Twice

Lightning Won't Strike The Same Place Twice

Although this concept helps people believe that something won’t happen to them again, it’s not just scientifically true. According to science, “lightning strikes the same places more than once”. The Empire State Building is a concrete example. On average, about 20 lightning strikes happen to it in a year.

Cracking Knuckles Results in Arthritis

Cracking Knuckles Leads To Arthritis

Cracking your knuckles can easily annoy other people, but it really won’t have an effect on you in terms of health. As of the moment, there is no evidence that links arthritis and knuckle cracking.

Alcohol Can Kill Brain Cells

Alcohol Kills Brain Cells

Some people say that drinking a lot will slowly kill brain cells, but actually, it won’t. Of course, excessive drinking may result in neurological problems, but social drinking shouldn’t have any effect on your brain cells, not even a single bit.



Urine Will Relieve A Jellyfish Sting

Urine Will Alleviate A Jellyfish Sting

You might have heard this myth from random television shows or from your friends, however, it isn’t really supported by any fact. Peeing on a jellyfish sting can only make the pain worse. The best thing you can do after a jellyfish attack is to wait for the pain to subside or to rub vinegar on the affected area.

The Great Wall Of China is Visible From Space

The Great Wall Of China Can Be Seen From Space

The Great Wall of China isn’t really as great as you think. Though there are talks that it is the only man-made structure that is visible from space, there has been no astronaut that has seen the wall from up there, ever since the structure has been erected.

Poinsettias are Poisonous

Poinsettias Are Poisonous

Some people believe that poinsettias are toxic to humans. But actually, they are just mildly toxic. The worse that can happen if poinsettia is eaten is only occasional diarrhea or vomiting.

Some People Have Photographic Memory

Some People Have A Photographic Memory

Have you ever heard about eidetic or photographic memories? Well, people who possess them are believed to have exceptional memories because their brains have the ability to take snapshots. Based on studies, it was found out that people with so-called “photographic memories” can only remember very well with the aid of mnemonic devices.

Dropping a Coin from the Empire State Building Can Kill Somebody

Dropping A Penny From The Empire State Building Can Kill Someone

Some people believe that dropping a coin from the top of the Empire State Building may kill someone due to its velocity. Although it can be true for objects that are large and heavy, a penny wouldn’t really kill a person because of its small size, shape, and weight.



Nails and Hair Still Grow After You Die

Nails And Hair Continue Growing After You Die

There are people who believe that when a person dies, his nails and hair continue to grow. Actually, they don’t because the body could no longer perform cellular processes needed for hair and nail growth. They only appear to be growing because of the nearby skin retracting and drying.

Swallowed Gum Takes Seven Years to Digest

Chewing Gum Takes Seven Years To Digest

While some parts of the gum are absorbed by the body, those that are indigestible will just pass through you quickly.

You Have to Drink at Least Eight Glasses Of Water A Day

You Should Drink Eight Glasses Of Water A Day

To stay healthy, some say you have to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. But scientifically, the amount of water you consume must be based on your level of activities, weight, and environment. Also, water doesn’t have to be consumed in its purest form. It can be in forms of fruits, vegetables, tea, or juices.

You Must Not Wake a Sleepwalker

It's Harmful To Wake A Sleepwalker

Waking a sleepwalker can make them feel disoriented or a bit confused, but it is not harmful. Waking them is in fact safer, because you’ll be keeping them from walking into something that can harm them.

The Bumblebee Should Not Fly

The Bumblebee Shouldn't Be Able To Fly

Long before, there are talks about how a bumblebee contradicts the laws of aerodynamics. In 1930, an entomologist came up with the conclusion that bumblebees shouldn’t be able to fly. Later on, he realized his mistake and withdrew his statement.



Bats are Blind

Bats Are Blind

Probably you are one of those individuals who believe that bats are blind. While it is true that they rely on their echolocation skills, they only use it at night when it is too dark to see. In reality, they have perfect vision.

The Tongue has Different Taste Sectors

Your Tongue Has Different Taste Sectors

It has been taught in school that our taste buds are grouped in different areas of the tongue, but that isn’t true. You can taste anything in your tongue, may it be sweet, spicy, umami, sour, or bitter.

The Full Moon Makes People Insane

The Full Moon Makes People Crazy

During a full moon, our ancestors say that some people do weird and insane things. So, scientists studied the topic, as well as the increase in the rate of bizarre activities that occurs when a full moon falls on a holiday or a weekend. Unfortunately, until now, there is no enough evidence that proves the correlation of the full moon in a person’s behavior.

Black Holes are Just Holes

Black Holes Are Holes

Despite what its name suggests, black holes aren’t just holes. They are real and dense objects found in space, characterized by strong gravitational pulls.

Our Left And Right Brains Have Different Specialties

Our Left And Right Brains Have Different Specialties

As taught in school, the left brain specializes in analytical and logical thinking, while the right brain is for creativity. Until now, there hasn’t been any facts that support the division of skills and talents between the two hemispheres.



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