coolest kid car

25 of the Coolest Kids Cars


This Jeep


For those kids who want to go off-road. This model has chrome wheels and a 4-cylinder gas engine, which makes it a legit scale model of the original car.

The Ferrari F40


For $25,000, you can buy this mini Ferrari. It comes with an 80 cc Honda engine and can reach 50 miles per hour.

The 1949 Mercury


This not-so-small model of the Mercury took three years to make. It is shown in hot rod shows across the United States. It is not for sale, but the owner says he spent about US$75,000 in parts and labor to make this accurate model.

The Bugatti T35


The Harrington Group created this detailed and exact replica of the legendary Bugatti T35. This baby comes with hand-stitched leather interior, composite body shell, headlights, a working car horn, and fully functional drive train.

This Ford Mustang


This looks so real that the child who drives this is probably one of the luckiest in the world. From the seats to the bumpers, this is one well-made model.

Auto Union Type A Grand Prix


This Type A was commissioned by a European collector in 2009. This cost over US$100,000 to make.

The 1957 Chevy Show Rod


This Chevy V8 can go up to 60 miles an hour in under four seconds—perfect for the aspiring drag racer!

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