Cop Responds to a Call from Animal Shelter, Goes Home with a New Friend


This cop was just responding to a call, but he got out of the scene with a new friend.

Officer Marcus Montgomery went straight to the headquarters of Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) after receiving a call from the shelter’s staff asking for him to help them resolve their issue with a former employee. But just when he was about to leave, Officer Montgomery came across an adorable puppy.

The officer was a little hesitant to approach the animal as he knew he would end up loving it, being the dog lover that he is. Montgomery shares that he has always loved pit bulls and that he even has one at home named Vader.

But he found it hard to resist the pup. He made sure that by the time he leaves work that day, he would be taking home Vader’s new friend.

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Montgomery wanted to keep up with the Star Wars theme, so he named his new pal Kylo, though he looked too cute for such an evil name.

One of the reasons Officer Montgomery took Kylo in was his story. He heard that the pup was found one night on the back porch of the animal shelter, crying. Upon knowing this, he felt the need to give the dog a loving family.

When he took Kylo home, Officer Montgomery was shocked to find Vader warmly welcoming his new little brother, even cuddling with him as soon as they met.

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