This Couple Integrates All of Their Fitness Goals Throughout Their Marriage



Couples who work out together, stay together—everyone knows that.

Couples who are fit share the same goal to strengthen both their muscles and their relationship every time they break a sweat, and they also share the same passion for pumping iron.

On social media, we have all seen our fair share of couples who brandish their fitness knowledge and gains. But probably the most epic Insta-famous swolemates of all time are Mike and Lex Sawtelle. All thanks to their awesome Jacked and Jill Instagram account, along with their golden doodle, Wrigley.

The couple posted all sorts of cute videos on social media featuring amazing couple workouts that even include the dog and have made exercise an important part of their daily lives.

Mike and Lex have Wrigley on their shoulder like it’s NBD while performing lunges, pushups, and squats.

This cool swole squad should definitely be your new #fitfam goals, because it’s not hard to see these fitness fanatics love working out just as much as they love each other.

Meet Mike and Lex.

They’re an amazingly cute couple, but aside from that . . .

. . . the word “fit” is embedded in these incredible individuals.

Working out is like their second priority, because their love for each other is the first one.

Of course, let’s not leave out Wrigley, their adorable pooch.

Wow! We are so excited and grateful to have so many new followers! Since we have a lot of new faces following us, we wanted to tell you a little about who we are! Jacked (@sawtelly) and Jill (@lexsawtelle) originally created this page as an outlet for our weird and crazy couple fitness videos. We are husband and wife in Arizona who have been married for 3.5 years and have one furry child, @mr_wrigley_jiggly, who we like to incorporate into some of our videos! We are both constantly thinking of new fun stunts or workouts to do together and although they don't always turn out, we have fun with it and create what we can!! We are excited to share with you our love for health and hopefully inspire a few of you to loosen up a bit and have a little fun! Thanks for following along! 🙂 #duo #handstand #strong #fit #lift #swolemate #press #pair #goldendoodle #abs #armday #fitcouple #fitgoals #coupleworkouts #igfitfam #famthatsfit #couplesthatworkouttogether #bodyweight #corestrength #relationshipgoals

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Working out is a family affair for these guys.

Of course, Wrigley doesn’t want to be left behind as well.

No wonder this Arizona couple has become a social media sensation recently.

And it’s all because of their Jacked and Jill Instagram uploads.

Found a new gym with endless opportunities for creative couples' challenges. Watch out Ninja Warrior! ?

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They also share a lot of creative workout ideas with other people.

They have more exhilarating videos to share that showcase the whole family burning some calories.

Along with some food choices that are healthy and will make you fit.

When you have a hot wife and a golden doodle, you won’t be needing any dumbbells.

The ultimate #RelationshipGoals are absolutely Mike and Lex.

Get a dog and begin your own little #fitfam and live a happy and fit life.

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