The Couple Who Lost 7 of Their Babies All at the Same Time


Even in the midst of a great heartbreak, anyone can find solace.

This is the story of Lindsey and Steve Justice, who lost all seven of their children at the same time.

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Lindsey and Steve met in college where they both were athletes in Wake Forest University, North Carolina. Lindsay was in a soccer team while Steve stuck to football. He did so well with his career that he played professionally with Petyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts.


The couple had always maintained a close relationship with each other and made sure they make important decisions together. They have been married for five years.


The couple slowly built their family together, starting with their two daughters, four-year-old Hannah and two-year-old Hope.

The family needed to overcome a major trial when they wanted to conceive another child as Lindsey was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, which is one of the causes of poor fertility.


The couple resorted to fertility drugs and even adoption. It was a daily struggle until Lindsey surprised her husband with a positive pregnancy for his 30th birthday.

But the ultrasound gave them more than what they bargained for. It showed that Lindsey was carrying as many as six babies.


The doctors advised the couple that it was risky to be carrying that many. So they gave an option to perform a selective abortion to not increase the risk it brought to the children. The abortion was supposed to increase the chances of survival of the other babies so they can reach full 23 weeks.

This was something that Lindsey didn’t need to consider. “Steve and I didn’t even have to look at each other,” she said. “That was just not going to be an option.” Their determination became stronger when it was announced that they were actually expecting seven children in all.

But unfortunately, the family was not able to enjoy the company of any of the children for long.


Just 12 weeks into the pregnancy, Lindsey experienced her first miscarriage.

Then the couple received another shocking news—that all the babies were actually girls. They eventually had to head to the hospital when Lindsey began experiencing contractions at 21 weeks. There, she gave birth to the second baby, Mercy, who died moments after being born.

The five other girls were out too, but all lost their lives after just two hours.

The family was heartbroken after their loss. It had come so fast and sudden that they continue to grieve over what happened. “We don’t have strength right now, we are broken, we are in deep mourning. We held each one of our six girls and said good-bye to them. They were all living. They all have birth certificates, they all have a first name, a middle name, and a last name,” Lindsey said.

The couple kept what remains of the septuplets, including pictures of each of their little feet.


Steve and Lindsey shared their story to let others know there is always hope no matter what happens in life. They do not regret their choice of keeping all seven babies despite losing them almost all at the same time.

“I would do the past 21 weeks again and again and again if I had the choice,” Lindsey shared.

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