Creepy Ghost Ships

More Spine-Tingling Tales About Creepy Ghost Ships Abandoned at Sea


You probably read the previous post about creepy ghost ships that have been shrouded in mystery over the years. Here are more ghost stories from the sea that manage to scare even the bravest of all seafarers.

7 Creepy Ghost Ships Lost at Sea

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1.The Mary Celeste


One month after her maiden voyage, the Mary Celeste was discovered sailing around Portugal in 1872. It was the Canadian brigantine Dei Gratia that uncovered her whereabouts. But as soon as they boarded the ship, crew members were quick to notice that the Mary Celeste had her lifeboat missing along with the fact that the entire ship was deserted.

The strangest thing about this case was that the last entry in the cargo ship’s log was dated ten days ago, which recorded Mary Celestes position as 37°01’N, 25°01’W, off Santa Maria Island, 400 nautical miles (740 km) from the point where Dei Gratia encountered her. Her cargo of denatured alcohol was intact, and the belongings of her crew members were left undisturbed. Piracy and mutiny were ruled out by investigators as there weren’t any signs of struggle in the ship.

A number of theories have surfaced over the years. Some suggested that it was the crew members of Dei Gratia that made up the story of a ghost ship to claim salvage rights. But as mentioned above, there weren’t any signs of struggle to support this theory. Another was that the Mary Celeste succumbed to a storm in the Bermuda Triangle and that the crew abandoned ship and were never heard of again.

2.The MV Joyita

Unlike the Mary Celeste, which was discovered in good condition, the MV Joyita showed visible signs of bloodshed. She was first reported missing in October 1955 and was found one month later. The MV Joyita was almost completely submerged, and the entire crew was missing. Four tons of the ship’s cargo were missing as well, so it was suspected that mutiny or piracy could have been involved. But what made this case so mysterious was that there was no sign of the captain, crew members, or their belongings for that matter. All that was left on this ghost ship was a doctor’s bag that contained a stethoscope, scalpel, and four lengths of blood-stained bandages.

Until today, all aboard the MV Joyita are still declared missing.

3.The Kaz II


One of the most well-known creepy ghost ships on this list, the mysterious circumstances surrounding the Kaz II are the most recent. The Kaz II departed the Airlie Beach on April 15, 2007, and was heading for Townsville. Onboard was a three-man crew consisting of ship owner, Derek Batten, and his neighbors Peter and James Tunstead. The group was said to be all skilled and knowledgeable sailors.

The Kaz II earned the nickname “The Ghost Yacht” after it was found drifting around the Great Barrier Reef off the eastern coast of Australia. The crew was no longer on board, and their fate remains to be a mystery until this day.

It should be noted that police were able to recover a video recorder on the boat. In it was footage of the men fishing the morning they went missing. Despite an extensive search, authorities could not determine what happened on the Kaz II—and perhaps they never will.

4.The Carroll A. Deering

Carroll A. Deering

The Carroll A. Deering was a schooner that was discovered without its crew in 1921 around the shallow waters of North Carolina. She was originally set to deliver coal from Virginia to Rio De Janeiro but somehow never made it. According to reports, the ship’s captain did not have a good relationship with the crew. The atmosphere around them was so heated that threats against the captain were publicly made on board.

On the way home, the Carroll A. Deering was said to have made a call to a lightvessel about a lost anchor, but the captain of the lightvessel could not report it to nearby stations because his ship’s radio was broken.

An investigation was ordered after the vessel was uncovered, but it yielded no results to the crew’s whereabouts.

5.The SS Valencia

 The SS Valencia

The SS Valencia was one of the worst maritime disasters of that period. She was a passenger vessel that crashed into a reef after encountering a storm at sea. As soon as the ship began to sink, hysteria broke out, and the two lifeboats capsized and disappeared altogether. It was definitive proof that panicking in an emergency situation is bound to make things worse.

6.The Lady Lovibond

Historic Mysteries

The Lady Lovibond exists more as a myth rather than a real-life ghost ship. Her story starts centuries ago, in the year 1798. After refusing to acknowledge the superstition that it was unlucky to have a woman onboard a ship, the captain of the Lady Lovibond took his wife onboard the massive vessel. His first mate, jealous of their happy union, deliberately took hold of the ship and crashed it into the Goodwin Sands.

These days, there are several reports of a phantom ship with an eerie green glow that shows up around the English Channel. Could it be the ill-fated Lady Lovibond?

7.The Zebrina

Tracing the Ripples


The Zebrina was discovered across the coast of France with her five-person crew missing in 1917. The ship was completely intact with no visible evidence of piracy or mutiny. Probable theories have it that it could have been intercepted by a German U-boat that took the crew with it as well.

So there you have it, seven creepy ghost ships and the stories behind them. Which of these tales from the sea intrigued you the most? Sound off in the comments below and don’t forget to share this intriguing post.

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