8 Secret Ways to Cure Your Acne- Number 5 Is Pretty Surprising!



Acne is a very embarrassing problem that is common to both men and women. Though there are lots of medications which are known to effectively cure acne, sometimes, the body just needs a natural remedy, which is more powerful and more advisable for the skin. To help you overcome your acne problems, here are some simple techniques you should start doing immediately. But take note, it might take four weeks to see the results.

1. Do not ever squeeze out, scratch, rub, touch, or scrub your blackheads or pimples. This might only cause infection that might spread on and underneath the skin.

2. Honey is known for its antibacterial properties that makes it a great disinfectant and remedy for minor blemishes. So, if ever you have honey at home, apply it as a facial mask once or twice a week.

3. It is advised that you wash your face at least two times a day with acne soap. Do it first in the morning once you wake up, and the second one before you go to sleep. And when drying your face, make sure you don’t use a rough cloth.

4. Always keep your hair away from your face. Hair contains oil, so it can be a culprit to your breakouts. It is best that you tie your hair, especially if you have bangs.

5. The pillow case can absorb the oil from your skin. Hence, you have to wash it every other day to keep them clean.



6. Eat foods that are rich in Zinc. This element is an excellent antibacterial agent and is an essential in the oil-producing glands of the skin.

7. Eating carrots can help you prevent acne and pimples. This vegetable contains vitamin A that is essential for repairing the skin tissues. It is also a powerful antioxidant, which helps get rid of any toxins in the body.

8. Wear makeup only when necessary. Frequent application of makeup products can cause your pores to clog, which results in blackheads or pimples. If there is a need to wear makeup every day, make sure you use water-based products.


Here are other effective remedies to acne:



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