The Internet is Going Crazy over Skellie, the ‘Deadliest Girl on Instagram’


Are you ready to meet the deadliest girl on Instagram? This very special lady is one-of-a-kind; she has a white complexion, a petite physique, and doesn’t nag. And she’s actually looking for a friend. Would you want to sign up?

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Her name is Skellie, and she’s not just your regular skinny girl, because this Insta-famous woman is literally a skeleton.

Dana Herlihey, a social media manager, created Skellie’s Instagram account, along with her colleagues. It started as a joke to see who could make the most hilarious account on Instagram. Thanks to Skellie, who was kind enough to share her day-to-day activity, Herlihey got a very big lead against her colleagues.

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Skellie’s photos show her doing the usual things a typical woman does on her spare time, from shopping to having a facial treatment.

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Skellie even dresses better than any woman on Instagram, and it’s probably one of the main reasons she’s amassing a huge number of followers. You can’t blame them; who doesn’t get attracted to a girl with white teeth and tall build, right?

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