This Devoted Father Carries His Son 20 Miles a Day To School


A single Chinese father in Sichuan Province, named Yu Xukang, has been taking care of his son alone since the boy was three. In normal instances, this would not be out of the ordinary because that is what all fathers are expected to do, but what makes this story more impressive is that Yu’s son is disabled with a hunch on his back, paired with twisted arms and legs.

Despite the physical disabilities, his son, now twelve, has an incredible mind that could rival anyone of his age. Unluckily, he could not get accepted in school.


I know that my son is physically disabled, but there is nothing wrong with his mind. However, I couldn’t find any school here with the facilities to accept him, and he was constantly rejected. In fact, the only place where I could get a place for him was at the Fengxi Primary School in Fengyi township in Yibin County in Sichuan Province, which is a five-mile walk away.”



With no transportation available, Yu had to walk five miles to carry his boy to school, then walk back to work. After his work, he had to fetch his son at school and carry him home. Every day, he had to walk 20 miles.

Since the beginning of the school year, Yu has averaged 1,600 miles of walking.

Now their story reached the media and the government. Because of this, they have subsidized an apartment that is close to school for the father and son. When they moved in, his father now has to walk 10 miles to work and back.




Still, that is more than an average human walks in a day.

My son with his disabilities is not in a position to walk on his own, and it also means that he can’t ride a bike. Despite being 12, he’s just 90 cm tall. But I am proud of the fact that he is already top of his class, and I know he will achieve great things. My dream is that he will go to college.”




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