Devoted Father has Dress Specially Made for Frozen Singalong …Elsa has Really Let Herself Go!



Shaggy tattoo artist Rob Chillingworth donned on an Elsa-inspired outfit with long blonde wig to bring his daughter to a Frozen sing-along. This devoted father was seen on board a train with daughter Ruby, who was dressed like the snowman Olaf.

Although he is a heavy metal fan, Rob made sure his sparkling dress and cape would resemble that of the Disney princess. The photo immediately went viral with over 1.5 million views three days after it was shared. Since then, he was called “father of the year”.

Rob told the publication The Sun, “The kids had to dress up. I thought I had to as well. Ruby said, ‘You be Elsa’. I had to get the dress made as I’m a big geezer and you can’t get them in my size”

This father has received praises on Twitter with user @Tinatbh calling him the “best dad ever” and Kelsey Dittloff writing he deserved to get the “best dad award”. Gillian Soden also wrote “Elsa has let herself go, but you cannot fail to be in awe of these superb parenting skill”.

Frozen is by far, the most profitable Disney animated film of all time. And still, it has been raking in huge sums of money with the help of various film merchandise. Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s book “The Snow Queen”, Frozen was indeed a global phenomenon.

Because of the kids’ obsession with the famous animated film, parents have been spending thousands and thousands per year for special-themed parties, costumes, and toys. In fact, in March 2014, Disney had already sold over half a million of Elsa and Anna dolls. When all the dolls were sold out two months after, desperate parents tried looking for them on eBay, buying at auctions, where dolls were priced four times higher than the original retail price.

In the Disney movie, Elsa has this magical power that made her turn everything she touched into ice. She was isolated, after she put the life of her sister Anna at risk. When their parents died during a trip abroad, she had to be crowned as the Queen of their land.

However, things went wrong during the day of the coronation and she accidentally triggered an eternal winter in her kingdom. Because of her shame at being discovered, Elsa fled and went to the mountains to make her own castle and embraced her powers. Meanwhile, her sister Anna sets out on a journey to bring her back and bring things back to the way they were.

Overall, the film was very successful, picking up two Oscar awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Song. It even became a commercial success. In terms of worldwide ticket sales, Frozen grossed more than £820 million.

The popularity of the film prompted Disney to release a seven-minute short film – Frozen Fever. Here, characters, directors, cast, and the songwriters of the original 2013 film reunited and worked together.

When asked about the catchy new song, actor Josh Gad who voiced Olaf the snowman said, “If history is any indicator, kids will go nuts”.

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