Dog Saves Newborn From the Street and Gets Help …Unbelievable!




People abuse dogs. They leave them hungry in the streets. They poison them. Worst, they leave them to die. Despite all the cruelty, they still remain loyal to humans. No matter how abused they are, they still remain loyal to us, saving us from danger and making the world a better place.


Here is one beautiful story showing how noble and loyal dogs can be.

One day, a stray dog was looking around for something to eat in the streets of Oman. While searching, he found something really unbelievable and shocking—a newborn baby. It appears like it was delivered just a few hours ago because the umbilical cord was still there.







The dog went closer to the infant. Instead of attacking it, the noble canine carried it. Using its jaws, it carried the baby and brought it to a nearby house. Then he placed the baby in front of the door and started barking. Apparently, it was his attempt to get the attention of people to help rescue the baby.

Fortunately, the family living in the house heard his loud barks. When they opened the door, they were shocked to find the poor infant at their doorsteps.







The family decided to take the newborn to the nearest hospital. Miraculously, the baby survived, all thanks to the clever dog.

From this story, we learn that dogs can act more humane than humans.



Watch more of this interesting story below.

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