Dog Suffering from Hip Dysplasia Jumps Fence and Saves Owner’s Life


We’ve all heard stories about dogs risking their lives to save humans, and they never get old. These loyal companions always have a way to tug at our heartstrings with their heroic acts. This time, the dog under the spotlight is a 10-year-old boxer–pit bull named Chance, and he has a story to tell about how he saved his owner despite his illness.

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It was an unfortunate day for Vietnam War veteran and Chance’s owner, Scott, when he took a really bad fall and ended up having a big cut on his head. Due to his injury, he couldn’t get up and did not have the strength to move and ask for help. Moments later, Chance sprung into action and jumped over a high fence to reach their neighbor’s home and bark for help. A Lassie episode in the making?

You might think that Chance jumping over a fence isn’t that amazing since most dogs can do it, but what made this feat different is the fact that Chance is suffering from hip dysplasia, a skeletal disease in which there is a malformation of the ball and socket joint. Whenever a dysplastic dog moves, his ball portion and its socket would not meet properly, resulting in the rubbing and grinding of joints instead of sliding against each other smoothly.

Jumping over the fence must have caused Chance an unbearable pain, but the dog endured it to save his owner.

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Chance successfully got people’s attention and found someone to aid his owner. Scott was then given medical assistance and has now fully recovered.

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