You Won’t Believe What Happens After This Dog Wandered Into A Lion’s Cage



You already have seen some unlikely friendships of animals on our pages, and this time is no different as we’re about to show you a friendship between a lion and a dog. The National Geographic‘s new channel Unlikely Animal Friends features heartwarming stories of unbreakable bonds formed between two animals of different species that no one ever thought would be possible. This time, the Internet’s new hot topic is the relationship between a lion and a dog, which started in GW Exotic Animal Park.

A 500-pound lion named Bonedigger was born with a metabolic bone disease that disabled the lion since it was young, but thanks to GW Exotic Animal Park, he got a second chance at living a good life.

The adorable beast looks far more ferocious than he actually is, and looking at this big cat, you would never know about the health problems that have impacted him. He felt sad and lonely at first, but everything changed for him when an 11-pound dachshund dog came along.

The park found him an unlikely friend in a dog named Milo. Milo spends his days playing with Bonedigger, along with two other dachshunds who consider the lion their best friend. The whole trio of dachshunds can’t get enough of Bonedigger and always cuddle with him whenever they’re together. Along with Milo, Bullet and Angel help look after Bonedigger and the trio seem to sense his disabilities.




Watch the video below.

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