Dogs Can’t Say “I Love You” …Find the Signs That Prove Your Pup Loves You


We’ve all been there… those instances where your dog starts yelping like a lost baby whenever you walk out that door for the day. Nobody really knows the secret behind the emotional state of our beloved pets. If only we could all be Doctor Doolittle and understand their language.

Until now?

New studies have emerged on uncovering the secret of the mystifying question, What are dogs thinking? Scientists say that a dog’s behavior translates to what emotion they are trying to convey since we all know they can’t talk.

This breakthrough will detail the tiny signs your happy pup does to tell you he loves you too.

Lifting and Wiggling Eyebrows

The way he shifts his ear back when he sees something he dislikes? He actually only shifts his right ear at the sight of something he finds uninteresting. Moving his left ear means he’s familiar or it’s something he’s interested in playing with.

This conclusion was made after a study was conducted in Japan, where a dog was introduced to subjects like his owner, a toy, a stranger, and a new object it hadn’t played with before.

When the dog saw his parent, the dog lifted his brows, prominently the one in the left. There was a lot less facial expression in the presence of a stranger except for a slight movement with his right brow.

This proves that a dog can do more than wag its tail to express itself.

Watching You Leave Calmly

Most people also misinterpret their pet’s action when it starts to panic when being left alone. They think it is a sign of their love. According to Gregory Berns, author of the book How Our Dogs Love us, it doesn’t translate. It means they have separation anxiety and possibly have no trust in your return as opposed to a dog who accepts your departure and just calmly goes to his usual spot after you bid your good-bye.

Cuddling with You After a Meal

When a dog cuddles after a meal, you believe it’s nothing but a puppy showing TLC. But Gregory Berns says it’s more than that. After getting down to his business, a loving dog will always find time to cuddle up to his owner and thank him for a well-deserved meal. It’s a sign that says that besides the food, you’re the next thing that makes him the happiest.



Sleeping in Your Room

We have seen those videos of humans trying to get their oversized dogs out of the bed and even get a good laugh out of it. But did you know that this is a sign of immense loyalty?

Berns says that if a dog wants to sleep on your bed, it’s a good sign of his loyalty because it means he doesn’t want to be separated from the pack.

Staring Directly into Your Eyes

In one of the 60 Minutes segments, host Anderson Cooper met with well-known dog expert to discuss the way dogs express their love. It was mentioned that the way they look at you in the eye, it’s as close as “hugging you with his eye.”

Maintaining eye contact while engaging in some playtime or just merely cuddling after a long day, oxytocin is released. This is the same kind of hormone that helps new mothers bond with their babies.

This comes naturally, so you don’t have to try to have a staring match. Try to maintain eye contact when doing normal things, like when you play fetch or during bath time.

Freaking Out When You Return

Whether it’s going out for five minutes to water the plants and he remains inside already jumping for you or when you have to go somewhere far and your pup stays behind ready to greet you with hugs and kisses, never take it lightly. We all can’t deny it, it’s the most special feeling in the world. True love in its simplest form.

Bringing You His Favorite Toy

If your pup brings you his favorite, most coveted toy, it doesn’t only mean he wants to play. Although wanting to play with you is a sign of affection in itself, when your dog brings you his favorite ball, it may also mean he thinks of you as his pack leader.

We’ve heard the saying “Sharing is caring” before, but never did we think that it could be evident in our dog’s actions too. It could be a squeaky toy or a worn-out Frisbee complete with bite marks and traces of drool. Nevertheless, he loves it and he wants you to have it.

Leaning on You

The song “Lean on Me” couldn’t be more appropriate when we’re talking about love and support. Our pups are no different.

Sometimes, a dog leans on a human when he’s anxious (think, a trip to the vet) or when he wants a walk. But it isn’t always that way. At most times, he leans on you because he loves you and asks for protection, and you’re just the support he needs.

Tickling You

Who doesn’t love a good tickle? I’m sure you do; so return the favor.

Yawning When You Yawn

When you yawn, there’s a big chance that the person next to you will do too. That’s the thing about yawning, it’s just so contagious. But did you know this impulse isn’t limited to just humans?

A study found that when humans echo another’s yawn, it’s because they’re empathetic. It’s impossible to measure if dogs are empathetic, but it’s possible that a dog yawning the same time as a human is shows proves the strong bond between the two. But when a dog sees a stranger yawn, it’s less likely that they’ll yawn too. Just when their owner does.

Bottom-line, go ask yourself, do I love my dog? Am I showing my love to him too? According to Gregory Berns, dogs can actually innately sense whether or not you love them.

So if you do, expect that affection to be returned a hundred times over.



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