Dying Police Dog Receives a Touching Farewell from Colleagues


Dogs are man’s best friend, and when they have to go on their way to the next life, their owners could not help but shed tears, especially when these dogs had not only been friends—but also saviors.

Around year 2002, the town of Yarmouth in the state of Maine appointed their first-ever police dog to their newly established K9 department. Described as gentle, lovely, and friendly, German shepherd Sultan was a treasure to keep for the Yarmouth Police Department.

The police department's official Facebook page has changed its profile photo to a picture of the young pup and <a href="https://www.facebook.com/yarmouthMEPD/posts/1586390821601925" target="_blank">expressed their deep sadness</a> at losing such an important member of their team.

The brave dog, together with his buddy, police officer Mike Vogel, answered a thousand calls and captured dozens of outlaws and suspects. He sniffed out drugs and helped seize hundred pounds of narcotics.

But when his parter, Officer Michael Vogel, took a new job in Florida, the department decided to retire the then 10-year-old pup.

However, when his partner had to take a job in Florida, the tyke had to retire after his two-and-a-half years of service in the police department. But he was not left alone by his friends. Fellow K9 officer Shane Stephenson took Sultan in.

But after a few years, Sultan’s health weakened. What started as arthritis worsened to a series of strokes, and his condition began to fade fast. When Stephenson knew that he had to let the pooch go, he made sure that the dog would have the farewell he deserved.

Stephenson knew he had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to his friend, but wanted to make sure it was a farewell fit for such an admirable officer.

On his last day, Yarmouth officers gathered to see Sultan for the last time before he was sent to Yarmouth Veterinary Center. The officers who attended the ceremony recalled the canine’s bravery and how he had immensely helped the department.

Dozens of K9 cops from around the state made their way to Yarmouth for Sultan on his last day to honor their canine comrade.

Farewell for sultan

Farewell for sultan

As captured in the photos above, Sultan had built a name for himself as a brave dog who helped throw the bad guys to jail and one who had built a friendship with his workmates; and for this, he will always be remembered.


Take a look at Sultan’s last moments below:


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