Europe May Ban Under Social Media for All Kids Under 16


Plans are underway by overzealous European lawmakers to pass a bill banning teens under the age of 16 from using social media without their parents’ permission. Sounds a bit crazy, right? When you start looking at the facts, it actually starts to make sense.

The proposed amendment to the European Data Protection Regulation, would change the legal age to use social media from age 13 to 16.

The change to the law’s generated, quite rightly, some controversy with experts arguing that cutting teens off from social media is unfair and may be harmful to them.

In a recent article for The Huffington Post, Larry Magid the CEO wrote: “We need youth to be involved in cross-border conversations to solve some the world’s most critical challenges including global terrorism and climate change.”

Mr Magid also claimed that social media plays an important role in preventing suicides and helping distressed teenagers, he said:

Social media services are frequently used by younger teens to seek help or just let others know about their distress. I have heard of numerous cases where suicides have been prevented as a result of teens reaching out, along with even more cases of teens seeking or getting help when dealing with such things as physical abuse, sexual harassment, bullying and self-harm.

Twitter hasn’t reacted well to the news.

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Some pointed out the potential dangers. Others just weren’t happy with the news.

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What do you think? Is banning social media for teens a good idea or taking away their voice?



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