Every Teen Girl in the ’90s Had to Have these Back to School Essentials



Life in the Nineties was so much more simple than it is today. Then, teenagers weren’t concerned with selfies and plastic surgery. They just wanted some cool things to show off when school started in Fall.

So, here are some of the things that a nineties teenager girl considered must-haves for school.

This Pencil Case

A Jansport Backpack

This Five Star Binder that Organizes All Your Papers

The Crazy Hair Colors that Made Them Feel Super Cool

The Perfect Rubber Band Colors for Braces

See-Through Backpacks

Gel Pens in Every Color of the Rainbow

Having a Pager

Customizing A Plain Binder

Dangling Jewelry

Pencil Grips

Frosted Lipstick

Colorful Butterfly Clips


Having a Daily Planner

Having Fun with a Graphing Calculator

Printed Pencils

This Breath Freshener

Flip Gloss

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