Experiencing Double Vision? Look Again, We Have the Perfect Halloween Makeup from this Amazing Artist!


YouTube makeup maven Promise gave us an amazing tutorial video for Halloween 2015. She made a double-vision look by making two of every facial feature—eyebrows, eyes, mouth, and nose. It will take time and a lot of patience, but the end result will have you turning heads and being the center of attention.

To make the double-face illusion, Promise had to make it as realistic as possible. She used false eyelashes, contouring, and highlights to add to the effect. Her cosmetic application skills are so amazing that the outcome will leave you confused as to which is her face and which are the drawn-on features.





Promise says, “Staring at it too long can make your brains hurt, so beware.”

Watch the whole video until the end so you can see people’s reactions when Promise decides to drive around with her double-vision makeup.


Watch the video right here.

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