This New Type of Firework Is Mind-Blowingly Beautiful …You Have To See This!



The Sky Ladder, as what people call it, is a new type of firework that is becoming popular in China. With its beauty, no wonder why it has gone viral.

Cai Guoqiang, a Chinese contemporary artist, is the one who introduced this new type of firework. He is best known for using gunpowder in his works. Currently, he resides and works in New York City.






At first, Cai’s pyrotechnic artwork isn’t recognizable until it finally went off and left the audience in awe.


Nonetheless, the video of the Sky Ladder has already amassed more than 700,000 shares and about 300,000 likes. According to the comments on the Facebook page “Trending in China” where the clip was uploaded, the firework was too eye-opening and looked like a real “Stairway to Heaven.”

Whatever you want to call it, you cannot deny that the Sky Ladder is totally mesmerizing and awesome.


Watch the video here.


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