Runaway Car Running in Circles Stuck in Reverse


With our advancements in technology today, we already have autonomous cars. A good example is the Google Car, which has the ability to drive itself and was made to drive with safety. But believe it or not, Google’s invention was not the first. There was a a self-driving car from the past—although it may not be you’d imagine it.

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This old news originated from the Oregon city of Eugene, and it talks about a 73 T-Bird making autonomous donuts while it’s stuck in reverse. It appears that what made this car move by itself was some type of defect from the manufacturer’s side. The Thunderbird was set to Park, but it suddenly shifted its gears to reverse, which, on today’s standards, is quite alarming.


The car spun around in reverse for quite some time, while everybody peered on what seemed to be a brilliant spectacle. But as stated earlier, the stunts were made possible due to the fact that it was a defective vehicle.

Although everyone enjoyed the show, the footage was sufficient that Ford had to make some steps to inspect the cars of the same model and issue a recall. But they didn’t deem it necessary to do so and simply sent the owners with this:


It was a sticker that held instructions of safety for everyone.

Seeing the video, it’s a good thing that we’ve come a long way when it comes to making sure our cars can be driven safely. Vehicles today are put into a safety test before they are sold. At least we can trust we won’t see this kind of scene if we happen to spot a T-Bird on the street.

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