Despite Losing His Legs This Pit Bull Still Touches Hearts



When Fifty was first introduced to the world, it wasn’t hard for people to be touched by his resilient spirit.


This dog is not you ordinary pup. Fifty was shot by a police officer and lost both his front and back legs. Because of his condition and the stigma that surround pit bulls, Fifty had difficulty finding a new home. But that was until kindhearted Kelly Michael came across him and knew that their encounter was meant to be. Fifty wasn’t perfect, but they found a home in each other.

When Michael set up a Facebook page for Fifty, she never expected the outpour of love that came streaming through comments, likes, and shares.





He now continues to be an advocate for hope and an ambassador for the breed. He promotes the importance of rescue and shines a light on the perils of violence against animals. In life, it’s all about the voice we give to the silenced and oppressed that makes a difference in this world. Because of what Michael is doing, despite losing his limbs, Fifty will never lose his light.




But Fifty’s story doesn’t end there. He now has a new sister by the name of Jane. Jane is a pit bull that was cast aside at Chicago’s Union Station. She wouldn’t have made it, if not for the rescuers. Now she’s happy at home with her older brother Fifty.

Fifty is patient with Jane, despite the cute little puppy constantly bugging him. But it looks like his instincts are telling him to protect her and to allow her to cuddle with him in his doggy blanket. The two clearly have taken a liking with each other.





Hopefully, the story of these new siblings and their affection toward their owner would teach us all that we should never judge a breed merely based on the disgrace society threw upon them.



Check out these videos below.



Jane’s planning to ⛺️ camp out in Fiftys jowls (????) #fiftygetsapuppy #alienjane #foster #fiftyvids

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Fiftys face ???????????? #fiftygetsapuppy #rescue #foster #fiftyvids

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