Flatmobile, The Lowest Car in the World



Thinking of driving the lowest car in the world? Not so fast.

This Flatmobile developed in 2007 by Perry Watkins of Perrywinkle Customs is worth $15,000 and was sold during an auction in England few years ago. The car holds the Guinness World record as the smallest/lowest car in the world at nineteen inches tall. It has a 2” clearance from the ground, 5’5” width and length of 12’2”.

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The Batman-themed car is inspired by a 1963 Hillman Imp. It has 875cc engine and top speed of 70 miles per hour. Watkins first attempted creating a record breaking low car in the early nineties with his partner, Danny Curtis and called it “Impressed”. He later redeveloped the idea and came up with another one called “Lowlife” in 1999.

Flatmobile, Watkin’s latest masterpiece, has a Holset 685 turbo engine like the one in Volvo truck. The turbine runs at 100,00rpm and can burn at most 60 gallons of fuel per hour. Check out more details about this car below:

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