Footage from a Cheshire Nightclub Will Have You Believing in Ghosts!



This might just be the scariest video you will ever see. Don’t believe us? Read on and watch it. Taken in a haunted bar, this clip features a ghostly figure as it moves down the hallway.

One day, when all the crew members at the Dream Water Lounge wine spa in Stockton Heath, Cheshire, left, an eerie incident was caught on camera. A floating figure was seen floating down a hallway.

It’s not the first time. Another spooky incident was filmed using the club’s surveillance cameras. It featured something that looked like a heavy indoor rainfall.

Although the bar only opened in April, it already has a long history of eerie happenings. In fact, the staff and the contractors have long been complaining about having random ghostly encounters.

Simon Ellison, the son of the owner, also claimed to have experienced several baffling events such as watching one of the bathroom taps work on its own on CCTV.



He said, “I know that the building is not a pleasant place to be on your own. The staff have all complained of strange feelings or noises. I built the bar after my dad took over the property and have heard strange noises and banging.”

“I stayed there on my own once, and within six minutes of being alone, I had called a taxi. A professional has told me if it is real, then this is the best footage of all time, and they want to set up a ghost camera here,” he added.

Despite all his inexplicable experiences, he still thinks this could be a possible hoax started out by the staff and crew who have access to the CCTV. He believes that they could have edited it using mobile phone apps to make it look scarier before it was shared on social media.

Simon continued, “I don’t know whether a member of staff has maybe dramatized the video and leaked it to get help because they’re scared. But another strange thing is that there are gaps missing on the scroll bar. The cameras record constantly, and for some reason, there are gaps of around two or three hours on that day. And you can’t lock the doors if there is someone left in the building so when the staff locked up that night, the building had to have been empty.”

Since the 37-second clip was shared, it has been viewed over 100,000 times. It has also attracted the attention of several paranormal investigators.

Simon shared his own spooky experience in the bar. He recalled, “On one occasion, I was called to the bar at night after one of the taps broke. I was with the plumber and one of the builders, and we looked back at the CCTV. We wanted to catch the person that did it so we could make them pay for the damage, but there was no one even in the bathroom on the footage. The three of us, all grown men, the builder, Luke, is a cage fighter, sat and watched the footage, and you could just see the tap move about 25cm on its own.”

To date, nobody can explain the strange happenings. After the footage was shared online, Simon received calls from various paranormal experts who said they had already visited the location many times.

He just said, “My dad took over the building from Aries nightclub, so I said yes—and he was really interested and said they had actually been there before to do investigations because the staff had been scared and things had gone missing.”

Whether or not the clips are edited, they sure are something that bring chills to your spine.


Watch the full video right here.