Real Captain America Rescue Couple from a Burning Car

Fort Bragg’s Real Captain America Rescues a Couple from a Burning Car



Off-duty Army Captain Steve Voglezon was on his way to a mall with his girlfriend. He was driving along Chatham Country in North Carolina. His peaceful Sunday afternoon drive was disturbed by a car accident. A Chrysler SUV crossed into another lane and had a head-on-collision with an Acura driven by William Thompson, 67 and his wife Kathleen. Both cars immediately caught fire.

Acting through his instinct, Capt. Voglezon ran to the scene to help. While police officers were trying to open the locked doors of the Acura, the captain grabbed a fire extinguisher and smashes the window of the Acura. He quickly pulled out William Thompson out of the burning car to the safety of the roadside. He also helped the policemen in pulling out Kathleen into safety.

The whole ordeal was captured by John Spurrell. Spurrell also helped in rescuing the SUV driver from the burning cars. Spurell credited the army captain in saving the old couple’s lives. The aptly Captain America-wearing-T-shirt army captain said that he went into soldier mode when he saw the accident. He credits his army training on why he knew what to do on such occasions.


You can watch the dramatic rescue and Captain Voglezon’s interview in the videos below.


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