Fox Makes Ridiculous Fuss Over Red Cups …See What Starbucks Does Next!


It seems like each year, there is some sort of “war on Christmas.” There are complaints against businesses not being “Christmasy enough.” Conservatives like to create an issue even though it is ridiculous.



The first “anti-Christmas” issue was about the red cups that famous coffee chain Starbucks decided to use for this year’s holiday season. A devout Christian criticized it for being anti-Jesus because it was plain red. It doesn’t make sense that this was even an issue because surely Christmas is more than just symbolism on paper cups not to mention that they never had religious symbols on their cups in the past.



The rant about the cups being anti-Jesus went viral on the Internet as well as nearly every social media page. It seems a poor waste of a rant because Starbucks isn’t just about Christians. Starbucks said in a statement that its trying “to create a culture of belonging, inclusion and diversity.”  We believe America is still about choice and if you don’t like the red cup, you can buy your coffee elsewhere.

Starbucks is not a bad company. In fact, they announced that they will be giving a tuition-free-four-year college scholarship to a spouse or child of every veteran or active military reservist employed at least 20 hours a week.



It doesn’t make sense to boycott a company because of the design of their cups. The company gives back to veterans who serve the country. These Christians and Conservatives who are making an issue over the cup design need to rethink their plans to boycott. They need to realize that a change in design doesn’t mean a change in values.

Apart from giving the college benefit, Starbucks is also halfway through its goal to hire 10,000 veterans or their spouses by 2018.



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